Have Questions or Concerns on any of our services? Our professional has answered the most common questions in detail to give you peace of mind and ensure you have all the knowledge to make an informed decision.

Chemical Peels
What can I expect during a chemical peel?
Do chemical peels hurt?
How long does the treatment take?
What can I expect after a chemical peel?
How many treatments will I need?
What types of chemical peels are available?
Microdermabrasion (MDA)
How does Microdermabrasion work?
What can I expect during a Microdermabrasion treatment?
What can I expect after a Microdermabrasion treatment?
Are there any side effects associated with Microdermabrasion treatments?
How many treatments will I need?
What are the Precautions?
Laser Hair Removal
What is Laser Hair Removal?
How does Laser Hair Removal work?
What to Expect?
How Hair Grows?
How fast is the Laser Hair Removal Recovery?
Pixel Skin Resurfacing
Am I a good Pixel candidate?
How long will it take?
It is safe?
Will it hurt?
What if I need a touch-up later?
How much does it cost?
How does Fractional Wrinkle Treatment work?
When can I expect to see results?
Photo Rejuvenation (IPL)
What can I expect during an IPL treatment?
Is the procedure painful?
How many treatments are required?
Why are up to 5 treatments required?
How long do the results last?
Are maintenance treatments necessary?
Is Rosacea treatable with IPL?
Do I have to miss work or scheduled social functions?
What will my skin look like after the procedure has been done?
Can I have a treatment while my skin is tanned?
What areas can benefit from IPL Photorejuvenation?
What improvement will be noticed after a series of five treatments is finished?
Do I require a consultation before I schedule a treatment?
Ionic Foot Bath Detox
What do the colors of the water indicate?
Who can benefit from ionic detox foot baths?
What can I expect after a detox foot bath session?
What is a detox foot bath session like?
How does an ionic detox foot bath work?
How to Read the Water after an Ionic Foot Spa Cell Cleanse?
How do ionic detox foot baths balance molecules?
How many detox foot baths will I need?
How quickly can I expect results for my condition?
What is Oxygeneo Technology?
What is the duration of a treatment?
Is there downtime after a treatment?
How does it feel?
Is the session suitable for me too?
What outcome can I expect after a session?
When can I expect seeing results?
How many sessions do I need In order to achieve long term desired results?
Can I undergo more than 1 Tripollar session per week?
What does a Tripollar treatment feel like?
What do I need to do in order to preserve the result?
Do Tripollar treatments work on every skin colour?
How do I know if Tripollar treatments are for me?


Can I continue my normal routine immediately after treatment?
Is the Tripollar treatment suitable for woman after preganancy?
What is TriLipo?
Is TriLipo technology safe?
What does a TriLipo Treatment feel like?
How does a TriLipo treatment improves cellulite?
How many TriLipo treatments are recommended?
How soon can I see results?