3 Powerfully Good Ingredients for the Skin


3 Powerfully Good Ingredients for the Skin

A lot of you have organic produce incorporated in your daily diet, take supplements and vitamins on a daily basis and basically, take care of your inner body.  We also know how depleted in nutrients fresh fruits and vegetables are, especially in a climate as ours.

But good ingredients go beyond the ingredients we provide to our inner body…

It came to my attention that Coconut Oil is one of the favorite products in Alberta’s households, not just for cooking, but for cosmetology purposes as well. 



I am afraid to say that Coconut Oil, though it can be tasty in cooking, is only a barrier against our harsh weather here in Alberta when applied on the skin, and there are no other benefits in terms of anti-aging effects. Other moisturizers bought from over the counter have limited benefits because the concentration of active ingredients is minimal (as big manufacturers are afraid of side effects and liability).

Our skin deserves the same attention as the inner body, considering it is the largest organ we have.


A lot of you are very natural heath inclined, asking meaningful questions and genuinely looking for an honest advice.  I cannot hide that teaching/ educating is one of my passions in life and maybe, sometimes, I can be a little bit boring sharing with you my Vitamin A and sunscreen diagrams. But this is because I deeply believe in the power of good ingredients

Some good ingredients for our skin include:

  • Vitamin A: it is the best anti-aging ingredient known, able to reverse the aging clock, stimulate fibroblasts in order to form more collagen and as a result, change the DNA activity in cells. Vitamin A is widely considered the “skin vitamin”.  For example, Accutane (a well known medication prescribed for Acne) is a form of vitamin A. Furthermore, Vitamin A helps to prevent and reverse established photo-ageing and to improve hydration, while improving the natural moisturizing factors of the skin.
  • Vitamin C: it is a strong antioxidant, fighting with free radicals, possesses sun protective activity and works synergic with sunscreens.
  • Vitamin E: it has healing, soothing proprieties.

*FOOD FOR THOUGHT:If you eat a big bowl of carrots, all that Vitamin A ingested needs approximately 1 week to reach the skin cells. If you apply a rich Retinyl palmytate or Retinyl acetate cream on your skin (the best forms of Vitamin A in cosmetology), the Vitamin A is absorbed in less than 3 hours.