Our Philosophy

At Natural Health and Beauty Clinic of Edmonton, Alberta, our philosophy is to treat our patients from inside out, taking into consideration the unique and individual needs of each and every guest coming to our clinic.

Our Method

We promote anti-aging, well being, collagen stimulation and rejuvenation, improvement in general health with cosmetic and laser procedures, lifestyle changes, herbal supplements and complex homeopathic remedies from Germany (all of them FDA and Health Canada approved). Ionic foot bath detoxification is also available to complement the anti-aging treatments available at our clinic.

We use Rubimed Therapy, which is a revolutionary natural healing method from Germany. It provides a modern, complementary approach to healing, addressing emotional issues and how these issues affect a person’s physical and mental health. Rubimed Therapy is based on the concept that subtle light energy flows in the body and the more it flows, the healthier and the more capable a person is. This energy is the source of optimal mental, emotional, and physical health. When this free flowing energy is reduced or blocked due to subconscious, unresolved emotional issues, it is the source of illness causing physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms.

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Medical Esthetic Services

Extensive line of services, from Pixel Skin Resurfacing to Laser Hair Removal

Bioregulatory Medicine

Influencing the body directly using medicinal stimulants

Natural Health Products

A wide variety of Natural Health Products from numerous suppliers


Providing training to up and coming Natural Health Therapists

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