Photo Rejuvenation​

Photo Rejuvenation

Safe & Long Term

Photo Rejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses an intense pulsed light (IPL) device which eliminates blemishes and gives you a healthier, fresh look to your skin.

IPL Removes :

  • Redness of rosacea and small broken capillaries
  • Acne
  • Small wrinkles
  • Skin saginess
  • Sun spots

As a bonus it also stimulates the collagen formation and might reduce the number of hair follicles on problematic areas of the face.

The treatment involves a patch test initially to see how the skin responds to the first treatment. The IPL is fired at the skin and is absorbed into the blemish. The spot eventually darkens and falls off within 7 to 10 days. Several sessions are strongly recommended on a monthly basis for consistent results.

An improvement of up to 30% is expected after just one session and the skin is also left feeling very soft and tight. Usually pigmentation improves dramatically after the first treatment, followed by redness after the second treatment. An improvement in fine lines and skin sagginess becomes noticeable after the third treatment. We do recommend packages of 5 treatments, 4 weeks apart, as well as maintenance treatments twice a year.

The results are durable as long as the skin is not strongly sun exposed and a consistent sunscreen application is performed as a daily routine.